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CDC has given consultancy to more than 600 projects and nearly 400 towers. The following are the list of important projects.


Boiler house (22m high) including foundation for structures and machine foundations (our designs were approved by the Consultants in England ) for Srilanka Sugar Corporation (RCC & Steel Structures) – Area 53,219 sq.ft.

Prawn Aquaculture Feeds Plant at Nellore for M/s. Thapar waterbase ltd. Area – 1260 sq.m. with 324 sq.m. Multilevel processing area.

Factory Building at Poonamallee Avadi Road using cold formed sections for M/s. TI of India Ltd. – Area 65,111 sq.ft.

Factory building at Thirakakkara for Tata Ceramics Kerala Ltd., Cochin using Cold formed sections – Area 8,640 sq.m.

Training Institute for South Eastern Coal Fields Ltd., Bilaspur, Area – 60,000 sq.ft.

Industrial building at Andhra Pradesh for Andhra Petro Chemicals, Area – 15,105 sq.ft.

QC Block, Utility block and Administrative building for Akay Flavours and Aromatic Projects Ltd., Cochin .

Punachi mini Hydro Electric Project. Power house building at Upper Aliyar Dam, Tamilnadu Electricity Board.

Factory building at Ambur for M/s. Abdul Wahid Tanneries, 26,797 sq.ft.

Support structure of limebin, chemical house and associated support structure (for Vizag Raw water treatment plant).

Industrial Shed at Trichy for M/s. TANSI Ltd. Area – 11,367 sq.ft.

Factory building at Ekkattuthangal using waffle slabs for M/s. Vestures India Ltd., Madras . Area – 32,207 sq.ft.

New Production Building , Electronics City unit of Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore (Proof checking)



Ascon Project 31 Nos., 40 to 100m high microwave towers and foundations at Rajasthan for M/s. TANSI Ltd. (This project received certificate of merit from the Consultancy Development Centre, DSIR, Govt. of India)

a. Switchyard steel towers and foundations for super power thermal project at Farakha for M/s. General Electric – 441 tonnes.

b. Four types of switchyard steel tower (ht.16m – 25m) and foundation for M/s. General Electric (Nagarjuna) 400 kv. towers and one lightning tower.

400 kv double circuit Transmission line tower for Karnataka State Electricity Board for Southern Communication Consultants (SCC), Madras .

Conveyor transfer towers TT2, TT3, TT5, TT7 & TT8 for M/s. RCFL, Trombay.

90m towers at Pappanthangal, Sivagangai & Ramnad for Police Radio (60 t each).

Nearly 400 antenna towers ranging in height from 15m – 80m for various organizations.

220 KV Multi Circuit Transmission line tower for Karnataka State Electricity Board.


Project management of 3,00,000 sq.ft. Commercial complex at Mount Road for M/s. Techx Port India Pvt. Ltd.

Commercial cum residential complex at Eldams Road , Madras for Vasavi Construction. Area – 25,250 sq.ft.

Commercial building at Mount Road , Madras for M/s. S.M.N. Associates. Area – 20,217 sq.ft.

Design and Project Management of commercial complex at Mount Road, Madras for M/s. Upper India Trading Pvt. Ltd. Area – 35,000 sq.ft.

Administrative building for Andra Petro Chemicals, Vizag, Area – 19,762 sq.ft.


Triveni Academy at Padappai.

4 storeyed school building 4 blocks – each with area – 75,392 sq.ft.

3 storeyed Hostel building – 3 blocks each with area – 65,316 sq.ft.

22 Nos. Residential flats. Total area – 66,704 sq.ft.

Printing press – 34,680 sq.ft.

School building at Ambur, North Arcot Dt. Area – 28,885 sq.ft. (with 15.5m span Auditorium)

Primary school complex building at T.Nagar, Madras 600 017. Area 19,596 sq.ft.


Hotel Deep International, R.K. Mutt Road , Madras for M/s. Amardeep Construction. Area – 10,414 sq.ft.

Preliminary design and consultancy for Holiday Inn – Crown Plaza (5 star) Hotel at Madras .


Hospital building at Ambur for Abdul Shakoor & Co., Area – 41,735 sq.ft.

Siva ENT Hospital at Lloyds Road , Madras for Anand Builders. Area – 14,115 sq.ft.


Residential complex at Govindan Road, West Mambalam, Madras for Anand Builders. Area 55,105 sq.ft.

628 HIG flats at Padi, Madras for Tamilnadu Housing Board. Area 1,18,471 sq.ft.

4 Storeyed residential Complex at L.B. Road , Adyar, Madras for Anand Builders. Area – 33,535 sq.ft.

Residential complex at Halls Road , Madras . (G+6 floors). Area – 37,170 sq.ft.

Bungalow at Ambur, Tamil Nadu. Area – 35,230 sq.ft.

112 HIG flats at Thiruvanmiyur, Madras for Tamilnadu Housing Board. Area – 41,760 sq.ft.

Reserve Bank Staff Quarters, B1 Block, Adyar, Madras (G+8) for M/s. S.S. Investments. Area – 43,613 sq.ft.

Residential apartments at Tambaram, Madras for Harrington Construction and Finance Ltd. Area – 84,570 sq.ft.

Residential complex at L.B.Road, Madras for Anand Builders. Area – 38,050 sq.ft.

Residential complex at Velachery “Raceview” Apartments, Madras for M/s. Harrington Construction. Area – 52,340 sq.ft.

Multi-storey flats at Gandhinagar, Adyar, Madras 600 020. (For State Bank Officer's Association) for M/s. Anand Builders. Area – 42,720 sq.ft.

Residential complex at Mylapore, Madras for M/s. Kala Construction. Area – 25,250 sq.ft.

Residential complex at Besant Nagar for M/s. Roadtech construction. Area – 20,343 sq.ft.


Residential flats at West Mambalam , Madras . Area – 57,930 sq.ft.

Multistoreyed building at Gopal Street , T.Nagar, Madras – 17. Area – 24,358 sq.ft.

Residential apartments at Anna Nagar, Madras . Area – 65,711 sq.ft.

Multi-storeyed building at Besant Nagar, Madras . Area – 35,230 sq.ft.

Residential flats at Gandhinagar, Adyar, Madras . Area – 35,360 sq.ft.

Flats at Mandavelipakkam (Near Admiralty Hotel), Madras . Area 44,915 sq.ft.

Residential building at Manapakkam, 19 blocks. Area – 50,000 sq.ft.


Shopping complex at Madras . Area – 21,650 sq.ft.


Cylindrical shell roof for sports building, Vizag.

Concrete diagrid roof and design of foundation and columns for Kalyana Mandapam at Saidapet, Madras for M/s. Powermatic Packing Pvt. Ltd.

Computer analysis of 67 m dia dome using superyield flow (Nagarjuna) tubes for the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Cuttack (104 tonnes)

Stainless Steel Space Frame at Hizar, Haryana for Jindal Strips Ltd.,

Space frame roof for Entrance Canopy for Hotel Benz Park , Chennai


Varada Vinayagar temple at Aruppukkottai for Sundaram Fasteners. Area – 14,913 sq.ft.

Dredger ladder of 20m Length (8 t), United Shippers & Dredgers Ltd., Bangalore .

Duct supporting structures for electro static precipitation project in Madhya Pradesh.55m high Derrick to take 45t load

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